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New Guide to Halloween In Wisconsin

By on September 10, 2014

Wisconsin Frights is our new web directory showcasing the best Wisconsin Halloween events and top-rated haunted houses!
Wisconsin Frights is a new guide to Halloween events and haunted houses in Wisconsin

It has been quite a while since the Mental Shed spawned some vile new offspring to terrorize the web. Recently, I became aware that it was time to remedy that. So myself and the various rotting remains of my research and development team locked ourselves away deep in the subterranean caverns beneath the Mental Shed until we had some hideous new beast to unleash upon the world.

We dug things up, we stitched things together, we burned stuff, we had glorious blood orgies and sacrificed virgins to Satan in order to rip this monstrosity straight from the very depths of Hell itself. So yeah, I’m not saying it will suck your soul out through your rectum after bludgeoning your face with your own computer. But I’m not saying it won’t, either.

Anyway, the creature I haphazardly stuffed together with HTML and dead prostitutes has been dubbed Wisconsin Frights, a visitor-rated and reviewed guide to Halloween events and haunted houses in Wisconsin.

There are many extremely talented people dedicated to manufacturing nightmares here in Wisconsin, which the new site will celebrate by conjuring photos, videos and articles all year long. So drop by, tell us what you thought about a recent haunt experience, and don’t forget to donate your soul, spleen or significant other to the cause.

It's alive! The new Wisconsin haunted house directory is here in time for Halloween!

Share photos of your Halloween adventures!
Going to a costume party? Building a home haunt? Getting crazy at the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Investigating real life haunted locations in Wisconsin? Just staying at home carving pumpkins and making Halloween treats? Whatever you are doing this season, we want to see it!

Send your photos to, post them to our Facebook timeline ( or share them on Instagram by tagging #wifrights

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