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Maribel Caves Hotel Destroyed

By on August 9, 2013

Ruins of the Maribel Caves Hotel after the storm destroyed the remains of the historic building

The stone skeleton of the historic Maribel Caves Hotel in Maribel, WI crumbled in a storm on the night of Tuesday, August 6th. The stone structure stood for over a hundred years.

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Charlie Hintz

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  1. Bruce Cherney

    August 10, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    I was sorry to see the last real hope that the old hotel might once again be rebuilt come to an end with the tornado causing widespread damage to the already damaged structure and the park next door. My interest stems from the fact that my great uncle owned the hotel and park for many years and used some of the land to park his construction equipment for his road construction business. I visited the hotel and caves area as a boy and later as a young man. I can still remember the bar in the basement and the good times we had there in the early 1970’s. The only spirits that I recall were not the ghostly kind but the spirits consumed in the bar. All the stories of death and ghostly doings are bunk made up by people trying to match the hotel’s haunting castle like appearance. The only claim to fame I ever heard of was the good possibility that gangsters out of Chicago in the 20’s and 30’s heading to private hideouts in the north woods would stop at the hotel for a rest a meal and something to quench the thirst during their long drive north. Sorry, but that is the only claim to fame the old place had aside from the days when hotel patrons would come to drink the spring water and enjoy a resort type of getaway.

    Bruce Cherney

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