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The Spade County Massacre

By on August 11, 2009

The Spade County Massacre is the first feature-length horror film from Milwaukee-based Sixth Street Entertainment. It was shot in Milwaukee, Spade County, and surrounding areas.

Five years ago “The Order of Attollo” ravaged the small community of Spade County. It was through the brave leadership of Sheriff Stone Williams that eventually brought the end to the order, but at the cost of his own life. It was the end to a terrifying era in Spade County.

Recently, Spade county experienced yet another scar in its tormented history. Several teenagers were found dead with no leads and nothing other than several bizarre pieces of evidence. The sole survivor Doug Porter had suffered psychological damage from the event and could not give an account of what happened. The Spade County Massacre, as it came to be called remained a mystery.

Sheriff Scott Williams the only son of the late Sheriff Stone Williams was able to solve the case putting the community at ease.

Today, bizarre crimes have started to resurface in Spade County and the public fear The Order of Attollo may have returned. Even though “The Spade County Massacre” was considered solved, it did little to end the pain of Spade County.

What they didn’t realize was the real pain had not yet begun…

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